Oh well. this is something everyone should learn and implement in life. My life has been into so much troubles lately, I faced a really hard time. Throughout all those hard days and worst experiences, I learnt lot of things. I try to keep myself happy and positive all the time, so, I am living a great life.  

Every person has a different life style, different way of thinking, different background, and a different point of view. I am going to share few things which I do everyday. You might not be agree with few things, but most of the followings are necessary to live a happy life: 

🌹 living the moment, live the moment we have got only one life. YOLO  
🌹 going to bed early, so I can wake up early 🌞 waking up early is always a good start of day. 
🌹 going for a walk, at least for few minutes, it is hard in winter or snowy or rainy days whereas, I try my best to walk at least in the backyard to get some fresh air. 
🌹 not dwelling on the past, past will not going to change but can make a huge effect on the future. I try to make myself a better person everyday. 
🌹 thinking positive thoughts about myself and others, I believe when I think positive about others, it makes me proud on myself and encourage me to become a better person day by day. 
🌹 taking a little time out of each day to read 📚
🌹 eating fruits 🍇 other than snacks or candies, I love eating fruits. Even though chocolates are my all time favorite but I am trying to cut down excess sugar with natural products like grapes, apples, strawberries, bananas etc.  
🌹 stop judging and comparing myself to others, I love the way I am. That’s how I am and it clearly does not matter to me if people like me or no. It sounds rude, but its not. At one point or another everyone is selfish, so why comparing yourself to others. 
🌹 finding my styled cloths, opps! Shopping is my another favorite thing. Even my wardrobe is full of my styled cloths, but still I would love to buy new cloths or just window shopping. 
🌹 learning new makeup looks is one of my favorite time pass thing to do. I usually watch YT videos and follow Pinterest pins to learn new looks. It makes me busy and makes me love myself more and more. ✨
🌹 listening to Gurbani 🦋 is the best, it helps me to motivate myself and gives me stress relief. Also, I love listening to soft music. 
🌹 surrounding with people who lifts me up. I limited my friend circle by stop hanging out with people who tried to pull me down. Now, I mostly hangout with people who has a positive attitude towards me and always makes me feel proud. 
🌹 forgiving others, it is really hard to forgive others. Once you are hurt by someone, then it will become so hard to forgive them. I try my best to love people by thinking their positive side over their negatives. It also help me making my relations strong with others. 🙃

I hope you like reading this blog, please mention below what you feel about having all these things in daily routine. I will come back with a new topic, soon.


  1. Hi Manjot
    I love your blogs❤️ You are not only just good blogger, I respect you since I met you in person. You are such an inspiring person. Keep writing.

  2. Always be yourself. I’ve never met you, and I’ve only seen you through your snaps, but you seem to be a genuine woman. You’re really putting yourself out into the world, with your blog, and that’s brave. Great work!

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