Hello readers, I made another self-discovery questionnaire. If you ask yourself mind-opening, forwarding questions, you’ll gain a lot more out of them. You will be surprised as to what you might discovered.

Give your thoughts about the following questions:

1. Did you get enough sleep last night? Why or why not?

2. What do you love about yourself (at the moment)?

3. Describe yourself in 2-3 words only.

4. Mention your one bad habit which you want to change?

5. Are you doing enough for your family?

Comment below in 1-5 words for each question and see where you feel about yourself today.

2 thoughts on “SELF-DISCOVERY #2”

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  2. 1. No – life is full of stress
    2. Never lied anything to my gf
    3. Not good at following instructions
    4. I get angry easily
    5. Not enough but better than most of the people out there of my age (I’m 20)

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