I am that girl, the one who is always smiling and thinking. Nobody knows what exactly is going on with her, where everyone thinks of her happy life. She loves her life and never complains about anything because she know whatever she has done is so grateful.

She’s the one who sweats the ocean and leaves a trial of sand wherever she goes. The girl who shows up with wet hair, yet still looks so darn good in her own way.

She got called skinny and flat thousands of time and yet slays with her smile. Her life is simple, she stays sober but enjoys like she’s been drinking since last night. I’m that girl who had a very hard life, my life was never simple.

She’s not sun kissed, she kisses the sun. She grew her own roses before she was ever given one.

The girl with the cool scars & tan lines, who isn’t afraid to laugh loud. She always seems to smell like vacation and has more words in her diary than pictures on her Instagram. She’s a hugger and a fighter, and can say so much, without saying a word. Yes, I’m that girl.

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