Hello everyone, welcome to my blog. I did not write in months due to a very busy schedule. Well, I have some amazing tips for you when you meet someone for the first time. These could be used as professionally plus in daily life. 

As they say, “first impression is the last impression.” 
  • Always smile when you meet people (preferably smiling with teeth)
  • Don’t slouch or seem sluggish, be confident, stand up straight 
  • When you do a handshake make it firm but not too firm and not too limp
  •  Mirror the other persons body language, not to the extreme though 
  •  Give out compliments 
  •  Don’t cross your arms 
  •  Make good eye contact but do not stare at them for too long or it will get uncomfortable but don’t constantly look away, it will make you seem shy and awkward 
  •  Say their name when you’re talking every now and then. Well I prefer “tuc” and “hnji”
  •  Watch the tone and volume you speak in, you don’t want to be too loud or too quiet 
  •  Don’t constantly say “like” and “hmm” 
  •  Try to laugh but not too loud 
  •  Just be nice. 

Thank You so much for reading this blog, please leave your comments below so that I can improve myself and bring a new blog for you. 


  1. I see your snapchat, and I’d like you to know, Windsor is a great city. It’s filled with really down to earth people; blue collar workers. I moved to Ottawa just over 3 years ago, and I miss home all the time. One thing you should take advantage of in Windsor is the pizza. I promise you, it’s the best pizza on the planet (ok maybe not the planet, but definitely in Canada. Make friends in Windsor, we’re loyal, long-term friendly people.

    1. Thank You Ryan, well I recently moved may be that’s the reason I can not enjoy here much.
      I am agreeing with your Pizza’s point. I had the best pizza here, which I also mentioned on my Facebook. Windsor is nice and quiet, I think by time I will start loving it but I still miss my old city.

      1. Armando’s and Antonino’s are personal favourites of mine. If you want a great sandwich, go and try the Carvery on Wyandotte. I hope you eventually get comfy, it takes time. Feel free to email if you like. I’m eager to see my family at Easter time, and bring back more pizza to Ottawa

  2. U may not remember me I visited ur office one time with my friend. Before talking to u that day.. I was always thinking u r a bad person but u r a really nice and humble person. Ur way of talking to others is really good and the way u gave respect to us was reall good too. Gbu

  3. Hi Manjot,
    I hope you are fine by the grace of god.
    I just want to thank you for giving such nice tips about how we interact with peoples in our daily life.I will try to apply these tips in my life :).I can say its a good start to 2019.
    Thanks alot for sharing these tips and I look foward on reading you new blogs in future!

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