This blog is only related to people who are in love. Oh well! Most of you will stop reading it right away, but do not stop. Reading this blog will help you a lot. A caring partner is an essential element of life. You will feel more happier and healthier when you have a right person on your side. It is important to keep your relation healthy. I am writing few advice’s on how to be a caring soulmate.

Do not be scared if you are arguing or annoyed at them, this is completely normal when two people are meant for each other

If you say you do not want them to do something (but you secretly do), do not expect they will automatically do it for you. Just tell him/ her what you want, be real to each other.

Remember not all dates have to be fancy and expensive. A movie or dinner at home is ideal. Spend quality time together and create memories.

Do not be jealous when they talk to the opposite gender. It will produce insecurities which will lead to destroy your relationship.

Do not purposely make them jealous, it does not feel good in the long run. A healthy jealously is fine as it shows your commitment to the relationship.

Give him/ her space and time. You need to get clear on the right space dynamic that will apply to you and your partner.

Secrets and lies jeopardize trust, it can damage us and our relationships. So, do not lie to each other.

Compliment them, give them your attention. The little things count, call her/ him beautiful instead of hot. Also, it not necessary but send them good morning messages and “sweet dreams” texts at night will help a lot.

Remember, guys do not always have to pay, alternate paying every time you go out.

Mutual understanding and respect are core of a relationship. It helps to remain compassionate, committed, truthful and honest.

Hun fun together, why not? Life is about enjoying it and having fun with people you love.

Oh well, do not forget to write your views in the comment section below.


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