Love him extra on his bad days. Guys need just as much support as girls do! He might get irritated fast sometimes. His mind might be racing with so many thoughts that he’s quite. Guys don’t show their emotional side easily. He won’t tell you if he needs you at the moment.

Just because you may not always be at your best doesn’t make you unworthy, and the same goes for your partner. There are times in your man’s life where he’s going to fall and you won’t be able to stop him. You may or may not see it coming, but he’s bound to hit some level.

The most obvious good news about beginning a relationship with someone when you’re hitting your personal “rock bottom” is that things have nowhere to go but up. And if you’re really lucky, meeting someone during a dip in your life can help you rebuild and regain your self-esteem. Understand him instead of getting mad at him, talk to him. Let him know he can talk to you.

Remember everyone is not same, it takes time to understand people. He might be difficult but if he’s yours and he will appreciate you for your little efforts.