Hello everyone, how are you doing today? Well guys I would love to share my views and experience with you and so I am creating this blog.

Learning happiness is a curriculum we can all excel at. Today I am writing about how to be happy:

  1. Make your body happy: Eat real food, move around during the day. Don’t spend all day sitting in the front of the TV or computer or on phone. Get up and move even if its only for 15 minutes.
  2. Stop overthinking things: Over thinking things can make you stressed and make you feel that all the world’s problems are on your shoulders. If you stop overthinking and you take the time to let your worries go you will be a lot happier.
  3. Smile: even if that day isn’t going your way still put on the smile. Smiling helps elevate your mood and others. If someone sees you smile they might just smile too.
  4. Write down what went your way that day: Writing down what went your way will encourage you to do these more often and you will be happy to achieve these goals.
  5. Look for the good in everything: Be more positive to the people around you, even if that person is being really annoying. Try to find the good in that situation.

At the end, I would love to say that “Just be you“.


5 thoughts on “HOW TO BE HAPPY”

  1. All view is right it’s the good way to provide the knowledge and right thinking to others .all view is too much true thnks dear and carry on

  2. Number 2 is true for real .. I had some stuff going on in my life and I was really overthinking about that and I started feeling weak and stressed about all those things which were not going on the way as I wanted to do those things .. I really thanks to god though as he showed me the real mistakes which I was ignoring and the wrong people’s real face which was out of my sight . I know I’m going towards different topic but overthinking is really stressed and the way to stop it we should change ourselves and our fake surroundings as we start expecting those things which we can’t do with those fake peoples on which we do expect that to be done.. Manjot you made my brain feel lighter as I wrote my feelings on here as I had no one to understand and I do hope someone will do understand what I’m trying to express and for real it’s part of everyone’s life somewhere..

  3. Hey Sukh, I understand your situation. Everyone is stressing about something and then they start blaming others, which we all does at some point of our life. I would say we should not surround ourselves with negative people and should not worry about what people talk about us. As I always “just be you”, it is something I learnt with my experience. People are just people they will be nice at front of you but never support you at your back. So, just let it go. Enjoy your life and be kind to everyone because one day they will regret.

  4. Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board and I to find It really helpful. it helped me out much. I’m hoping to present something again and aid others like you
    aided me.

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